Gold Instagram Guides For Beginners

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Guides

Social media platforms are constantly bringing out new features to keep us scrolling through content and posting new posts on their platforms. The latest offering from Instagram is the Guides feature. A Guide is, effectively, a kind of built-in blog post, meaning that users can create lists or recommendations on a certain topic. They involve using posts that have already been posted on Instagram, with new headings and descriptions. This presentation will run you through several reasons as to why you should take advantage of the new feature and use Instagram Guides.

Reason #1:
Instagram Guides are the best way to share your knowledge and recommendations. You create lists and compilations of posts centered around a particular theme. You can create Instagram Guides on any topic; from products, and places, to posts–the only requirement is that the posts have already been posted to an Instagram feed.

Reason #2:
Guides will help you to build a personal brand. It will add authority and strength to your posting, and make your business seem more reputable. You want your followers to trust and believe in you, so sharing your expertise in Guides is a fantastic way to cement your brand leadership.

Reason #3:
Guides are a method for you to create a new kind of content. They can aid in the transition of your brand, for example, becoming more of an expert on a subject, rather than an influence.

However, it does not have to be an entirely new type of content. Instead, it can supplement your existing posts. This will allow you to add detail that you simply cannot in a regular post.

Reason #4:
You can collate all your posts under one topic in one place which is easier for your audience to read. For example, for products, you can collect your behind-the-scenes pictures or the process. You could even do a Guide that is as simple as collecting your favorite cafes and restaurants.

Reason #5:
Even if it does not yield immediate results Guides are a long-term feature; they will still be available on your profile and presumably, the information will still be accurate. You can update your Guides and republish them in information orders, but it can still be a fantastic way to begin to position yourself as an authority on a certain topic.
Additionally, you can use Guides to share content from other creators. This is a great way to not only build relationships with other brands but also to insert yourself into the “in-crowd.” By including your posts amongst the popular accounts and leaders in your industry you are raising your reputation and influence, too.
To conclude, using Instagram Guides will have numerous benefits for your business. Take the time to determine where and what Guides will best fit into your content strategy and most resonate with your audience–then let your wisdom do the talking, and watch your audience grow.


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